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Graduate Financial Aid

Teaching Assistantships

The Department of Landscape Architecture offers 10 to 15 competitive, 25% time (10 hours/week), Teaching Assistantships per academic year. Generally, students must have a 3.0 GPA or better to be considered. Benefits include salary, tuition benefits and the Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Plan.

TA responsibilities differ by course, but may include: assisting with critiques, maintaining course websites, grading papers and exams, researching course materials, helping with lecture presentations, proctoring exams, and leading discussion sessions.

The Department offers Teaching Assistantships for a number of courses, from undergraduate drawing courses to graduate technical courses. We match our students’ strengths and preferences to courses.



Thanks to generous donor support, we are able to offer competitive fellowships to our top applicants and students.

Ager Fellowship

This gift was founded by distinguished alumnus, Xiaowei Ma (MLA 1998). Ma is the founding principal of Ager Group, an international multidisciplinary design firm offering integrated services in urban planning, landscape architecture, and architecture. This gift demonstrates Mr. Ma’s commitment to the Department’s role in educating leading professionals by supporting outstanding graduate students for global practice.


Steven Andrews Fellowship

This gift honors the memory of Steven Andrews, who received a Master of Landscape Architecture degree in 2004. Steven was held in high esteem by faculty and classmates alike and provided leadership to his studio classmates. The fellowship is awarded to deserving students who demonstrate academic achievement, design accomplishments and, above all, leadership—especially leadership that demonstrates caring action—to peers, the department, and/or the community.


A. Dale Chapman Fellowship

The Chapman Forestry Foundation awards annual scholarships to students in the landscape architecture program. Criteria for this award includes: full-time undergraduate students going into 3rd, 4th, or 5th year of the design studio sequence with a minimum 3.0 overall GPA, full-time entering or continuing graduate student majoring in landscape architecture, an active member of the student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects the previous academic year, and possible consideration of financial need.


Founders Fund Graduate Fellowship

The intent of the gift is to honor all founders of the department of landscape architecture, including key volunteers and donors Herb Baldwin, Roger Clemence, and Roger Martin. The Fellowship will be awarded annually to deserving student(s) through the department head, or through the department head’s agent, such as the director of graduate studies or a departmental scholarship committee.


Girard K. Fellowship

This fund supports architecture and landscape architecture students enrolled in graduate programs who demonstrate unique collaborative design leadership expertise in working with fellow students, faculty, the profession, or the public. Collaborative leadership is defined as the demonstrated ability to lead other individuals, to discover creative and outstanding architectural and/or landscape architectural design alternatives which leverage the input of diverse groups, expertise, and/or points of view for the betterment of the ultimate design solution.


Clinton N. Hewitt Prize

Clinton Hewitt has contributed 30 remarkable years to the University of Minnesota as a professor and campus planner. During that tenure, he involved superb landscape architects on every possible project. His passion for campus planning and design and his talent for communicating the success of a university through adherence to a campus master plan. Through that dedication, he has greatly expanded the understanding of the impact of landscape architecture. His equally important legacy is his helping many other minority designers achieve success. His leadership is celebrated through the establishment, by friends and colleagues, of the Clinton N. Hewitt Fellowship—an award given to students with exceptional potential in the field of landscape architecture.


The Edmund J. Phelps Memorial Fund

Edmund J. Phelps Memorial Fund is dedicated to developing students who are capable of: exploring the relationships of design, planning, and management to environmental quality and person-environment experiences; and creating and managing quality environments for human use and enjoyment. The Fund aids student(s) in the pursuit of graduate education in landscape architecture. The Landscape Architecture faculty and the Phelps Fund Advisory Committee selects recipients based on: academic record of the applicant, statements of intent in pursuing graduate education in landscape architecture at the University of Minnesota, letters of reference, the ability of the applicants to pursue graduate studies without financial assistance.


The David Pitt Fund

David Pitt has contributed 30 remarkable years to the University of Minnesota. During that tenure, he has taught and mentored hundreds of students. This fund will enable him to continue this endeavor for years to come. The David Pitt Fund will support undergraduate BED students in both the traditional and accelerated tracks.


The Jo Tushie Endowed Fellowship

This gift honors the memory of Jo Tushie, whose work with the firm Tushie Montgomery exemplified her belief that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” The purpose of the fellowship is to assist Master of Landscape Architecture professional degree students who demonstrate academic achievement and design accomplishments or potential in the spirit of “imagination is more important than knowledge.”


Kopischke-Westwood Graduate Fellowship

The Kopischke-Westwood Graduate Fellowship in Landscape Architecture would like to honor the memory of University of Minnesota landscape architecture alumnus and Westwood principal, Greg Kopischke, who held a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Minnesota. The fellowship assists deserving graduate students in the landscape architecture program.



Research Assistants in Practice

The Research Assistants in Practice is a unique program that embodies our mission of advancing landscape architecture through community engagement. Research Assistants in Practice receive the same benefits as a traditional RA—salary, tuition benefits, and health benefits—as well as the opportunity to apply knowledge while acquiring real world experience. The ability to work directly with a non-profit organizations, government agencies, or firms sets the RAs in Practice apart from conventional research assistantships.

Although the details of each assistantship will differ in the type of work depending upon the agency, RAs in practice can expect to:

  1. Research on administrative framework, emerging policy, societal needs, and process trends
  2. Participate in interdisciplinary professional collaboration on multifunctional landscape efforts.
  3. Perform basic day-to-day project work in the support of the firm/agency.

Conference Travel

Current MLA students presenting at a conference can apply for up to $250 towards travel costs.   See Department Administrator for details.

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