Landscape Architecture College of Design

Master of Science in Landscape Architecture

The University of Minnesota offers the Master of Science in Landscape Architecture MSLA. The MSLA is a one-year specialized graduate degree offered to students interested in landscape architecture as a scholarly discipline. The degree is open to students who hold an undergraduate degree in a related field, as well as to those who hold a BLA or MLA. This degree is for advanced study and research in the discipline and is not an accredited degree.

The MSLA provides opportunities for students conducting specialized research in landscape architecture to work directly with faculty. The MSLA requires a minimum of one year of full-time graduate study (30 credits minimum):

  1. thesis (10 credits)
  2. departmental courses (6 credits)
  3. non-departmental courses in area of interest (6 credits)
  4. university electives (8 credits)

Several students in the MLA program have chosen to pursue the MSLA as an additional degree during their studies at the University of Minnesota. Students may have a maximum of 8 credits in common between the two master’s degrees.

MSLA Degree Requirements

  1. Undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture or related discipline.
  2. 30 graduate level credits.
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