Landscape Architecture College of Design


Credit: Yan Sun, MLA student

Professor Emeritus David Pitt



  • MLA, University of Massachussetts
  • Ph.D, University of Arizona

David Pitt worked with The Metropolitan Council, the McKnight Foundation, and the UMN Center for Urban and Regional Affairs to develop a landscape assessment process that local governments can use to facilitate smart growth in an environmentally responsible way. With several UMN colleagues, he developed a systematic approach to GeoDesign, which integrates spatiotemporal modeling of multiple metrics of landscape performance with collaborative design decision making by multiple stakeholder groups. A recent grant from the USDA-Conservation Innovation Grant program facilitated application of this work to the collaborative design of multifunctional landscapes in the Minnesota River valley. With internal UMN funding, we have constructed a GeoDesign decision lab to examine the ways in which the presentation of information, group dynamics, and social and individual learning affect outcomes of landscape planning and design decision making. Dr. Pitt holds adjunct appointments on the faculties of Urban and Regional Planning as well as Forest Resources. He served for seven years as co-editor of Landscape Journal, an international scholarly journal focusing on scholarship related to the design, planning, and management of land. The journal is published by the University of Wisconsin Press and owned by the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, an international organization representing academic practitioners of landscape architecture in North America, New Zealand, and Australia.



  • Co-editor, Landscape Journal
  • 2012. Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners.
  • 2003. Outstanding Educator Award. Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture.
  • 1989. ASLA Merit Award for production of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service videotape entitled A Management Plan for Hamden Slough National Wildlife Refuge.
  • 1984. ASLA Merit Award for chapter contributed to publication entitled, Energy Conserving Site Design.


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  • 2014. UMN Office of Vice-President for Research, MnDRIVE Transdisciplinary Research grant to pursue development of Building Community-based Bioeconomies: Advancing Production, Resource Conservation, and Rural Community Vitality. With Professors Jordan. Mulla, Schively Slotterback, Reichenbach, Kne, and colleagues in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • 2014. Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture with Professor Daniel Nadenicek, UGA, to edit Landscape Journal for 2014.
  • 2013. UMN-IREE grant entitled LandLabs: Developing sustainable bioenergy systems. With Professors Jordan, Mulla, and Schively-Slotterback to develop a landscape planning process to develop collaborative supply/values chains of integration to convert biomass production into biofuel feed stocks.
  • 2013. Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture with Professor Lance Neckar and Adjunct Assistance Professor Vincent deBritto to edit Landscape Journal for 2013.
  • 2012. Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture with Professor Lance Neckar and Adjunct Assistance Professor Vincent deBritto to edit Landscape Journal for 2012.
  • 2012. College of Design to develop GUI interface between rural landscape design strategy and performance evaluation.
  • 2012. College of Design with Vince deBritto and Steve Roos to develop on-line version of LA 3501.


  • LA3004: Regional Landscape Planning
  • LA5202: Landscape Analysis Workshop
  • LA5203: Ecological Dimensions of Space Making
  • PA8201: Environment and Infrastructure Planning