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Design Duluth

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Design Duluth is an interdisciplinary multi-year initiative that is organized loosely around Mayor Ness’s 90,000 by 2020 initiative, which calls for establishing economic and cultural conditions to attract 4,000 new residents to Duluth by 2020. In 2014 Design Duluth, in partnership with the St. Louis River Alliance and Duluth-LISC, was awarded a Bush Foundation Innovative Communities grant. For the next two years Design Duluth will be working with grant partners to design a resilient future for the neighborhoods along the St. Louis River corridor.

Collaboration and Partnerships

The Design Duluth studio, with students from Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning, works with Duluth public agencies, nonprofits, and private parties to develop responses to critical problems, including massive infrastructure development, climate change, public health issues, food security, and recreational development.

Last fall, with assistance from the mayor’s office, planning division, public works, port of Duluth, EPA, and numerous NGOs involved in recreational development, studio participants developed 16 projects that reimagined a resilient future for Duluth. This work was presented to residents of Duluth at Clyde Iron Works at an exhibition that was attended by over 100 people including Mayor Ness and the Duluth print and television media

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