Landscape Architecture College of Design

MLA Program Plan

Year One: 33 credits

Fall Spring
LA5201 Making Landscape Spaces & Types 6 LA5203 Ecological Dimensions of Space Making 6
LA5202 Landscape Analysis Workshop 1 LA5204 Landscape Ecology 3
LA5376 Representation I 4 LA5377 Representation II 4
LA5413 Introduction to Landscape Architecture History 3 LA5772 Landscape Tech + Systems II 3
LA5771 Landscape Tech + Systems I 3

Year Two: 30 credits

Fall Spring
LA5131 Geospatial Data Analysis and Design 3 LA8205 Urban Form Options
or Cities on Water Study Abroad
LA8201 Designing Landscapes for Dwelling and Settlement 6 LA8775 Landscape Tech + Systems V (elective) 3
LA8773 Landscape Tech + Systems III 3 Elective 3
Elective 3 Elective 3

Year Three: 25 credits

Fall Spring
LA8206 Making Urban Landscape Space 6 LA8302 Professional Practice 3
LA8301 Research Methods 3 LA8555 Advanced Landscape Planning and Design 6
LA8554 Project Programming 1 Elective 3
LA8774 Landscape Tech + Systems IV 3

A program plan in .PDF format is available here.