Landscape Architecture College of Design

Program Overview

The Master of Landscape Architecture [MLA] is a first professional degree required for students who wish to become licensed landscape architects. The program introduces students to the practice and discipline of landscape architecture, providing them with the artistic, technical, cognitive and communication skills, and the scientific and aesthetic knowledge necessary to practice in the profession and in other environmental fields.

The MLA program is a three-year first professional degree for students already possessing a baccalaureate degree. The program requires 88 graduate credits. Students with bacclaureate degrees in Landscape Architecture or Architecture may apply to the three-year MLA and be accepted with advanced standing.

Coursework for the Master of Landscape Architecture degree exposes students to the broad field of landscape architecture as both a discipline and a profession. Classes are collaborative in nature and challenge students to delve into landscape issues that cut across multiple systems and scales. The core of the MLA curriculum is the six design studios, one in each of the six semesters of the degree program:

The first semester of study focuses on improving students’ aesthetic expression of landscape space, with supporting classes in drawing, technology, and computer applications.

The second semester emphasizes the ecological dimensions of space-making. Students learn how to utilize knowledge of native habitats and ecological principles to design sustainable landscapes.

The third semester explores dwelling and settlement within suburban and exurban contexts. Supporting coursework includes innovative stormwater design, geographic information systems (GIS), and planting design.

The fourth semester provides students with a community-service learning opportunity within the urban environment. This has been an opportunity to work with issues of environmental and social justice.

The fifth semester allows students to pursue their interests in either regional design or urban design, usually involving brownfield remediation.

The final semester revolves around Capstone Studio, in which students pursue their intellectual interests within the field of landscape architecture through the format of guided independent study.

Contact the Director of Graduate Studies with specialized questions relating to our MLA program if you already posess a baccalaureate degree from another institution.