Landscape Architecture College of Design

LDP + MLA [Accelerated MLA]


  • Students should double-check with their adviser and the Department of Landscape Architecture for the most current application information.
  • Applications are due 15 January.
  • Admission is Fall Semester only.
  • Acceptance letters are sent 15 April.

Admissions Checklist

  1. Complete the first three years of the LDP coursework.
  2. Complete the accelerated degree application
  3. Letter of intent describing your interest in pursuing a graduate degree in landscape architecture [maximum of two pages].
  4. Three letters of recommendation. At least two of these letters must be written by professors from whom you have taken courses. The letters of reference should clearly address the following points: positive and negative factors of the applicant; strength of academic record; readiness to pursue a graduate degree; ability to conceptualize and integrate knowledge. Letters must be sent directly to the Landscape Architecture office from the referee.
  5. Official transcripts of all coursework at the college, university, or graduate level, including coursework currently being taken. A minimum GPA of 3.00 is required for admittance.
  6. Portfolio. Applicants to the LDP + MLA program must submit an electronic portfolio of work. Please see Portfolio Requirements below for more details.

Portfolio Requirements

  1. The portfolio must be a PDF in 8.5 x 11 format. No slides, printed, or loose materials will be accepted.
  2. Submit the portfolio before the admissions deadline.
    1. Identify your portfolio with your name and contact information.
    2. Upload the portfolio to ISSUU.COM. You will need to create an publisher account to use this site. This is a free service.
    3. Please use your complete name to register at ISSUU as this generates the weblink to your portfolio.
    4. Please enter the link to your portfolio in the on-line application form (as “Link to Portfolio”).

Admission Considerations

Admission is competitive and based on:

  1. Student’s academic standing and GPA.
  2. Student’s understanding of landscape architecture.
  3. Student’s potential to succeed as a practicing landscape architect as estimated by the faculty.

Resource and Space Availability

Applicants are encouraged to visit the landscape design studios, talk to students who are in the accelerated degree track and the MLA program, and find out as much as they can about the profession by talking with landscape architects in their community.

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