Landscape Architecture College of Design

Landscape Design and Planning

Planning Track

Year One


total credits16
Freshman Seminar [recommended]1
LA1201Learning From The Landscape [CLE: Diversity]3
Geog1502Mapping Our World [CLE: Math Thinking]4
Hort1001Plant Propagation [CLE: Biological Science, Lab]4
WritFirst Year Writing Course [Writ1201, 1301, or 1401]4
total credits14–16
LA1301Introduction to Landscape Drawing [CLE: Arts and Humanities]3
LA1401The Designed Environment3
Geo1001Earth and its Environments [CLE: Physical Science/Lab, Environment]4
Liberal Education Requirements or Electives*4/6


Year Two


total credits13–14
LA2301Advanced Representation for Environmental Design3
LA3003Case Studies in Sustainable Design and Planning3
Geog3371wCities, Citizens, and Communities [CLE: Social science, Cultural Diversity, Writing Intensive]4
Liberal Education Requirements or Electives*3/4
total credits16
LA2302Computer-aided Representation for Environmental Design3
LA3501Environmental Design and Its Bio-Physical Context
[CLE: Environment]
FR3131GiS in Natural Resources4
Liberal Education Requirements or Electives*6


Year Three


total credits15–17
LA3001Understanding and Creating Landscape Space3
LA3413Introduction to Landscape Architectural History
[CLE: Global Perspectives]
Espm3108Ecology of Managed Ecosystems3
Liberal Education Requirements or Electives*3/4
Social and Cultural Systems Elective*3/4
total credits15–16
LA3002Regional Landscape Planning3
LA3004Informants of Creating Landscape Space3
LA3514Making the Mississippi River [CLE: Citizenship and Public Ethics]3
Ecosystem Pattern and Process Elective*3
Liberal Education Requirements or Electives*3/4
Spring Study Option [Rome-Istanbul]
total credits16
Drawing (-in) the Eternal City4
Istanbul [CLE: Arts/Humanities, Global Perpectives]3
Byzantium/Constantinople [CLE: Historical Perspectives, Global Perpectives]3
Design Studio6


Year Four


total credits16
LA3571Landscape Construction: Site Systems and Engineering3
LA4001Sustainable Landscape Design and Planning Practices3
LA4096Internship in Landscape Design and Planning1
LA4712Infrastructure, Natural Systems, and the Space of Inhabited Landscapes3
Ecosystem Pattern and Process Elective3
total credits15
LA3204 Holistic Landscape Ecology and Bioregional Practice3
LA4002Implementation of Sustainable Landscape Design and Planning Practices3


  • Required course in major.
  • Required course, not in major.
  • CLE course
  • Good semester to take DES3201: Strategic Career Planning for Design [1 credit]
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