Landscape Architecture College of Design

Accelerated Status Option


The Department of Landscape Architecture also offers an accelerated status option through the LDP program. The accelerated status option admits a limited number of students annually and allows qualified undergraduates to complete the LDP and MLA in six years rather than seven years.


Applicants for the accelerated status must complete the first three years of the BED degree requirements before their senior year. Students must complete the first year of the professional degree program in their undergraduate senior year. These courses carry upper division credit and satisfy senior year LDP requirements.


Accelerated status is granted on a competitive basis and does not admit any student to the graduate professional program. Separate requirements, such as letters of recommendation, a letter of interest, and other application documents, must be submitted in January of the year that students are seeking admission to the graduate program. LDP graduates who have completed the accelerated status option and applied to the MLA professional degree program will receive advanced standing in the MLA program upon acceptance by the Department of Landscape Architecture and the Graduate School.