Landscape Architecture College of Design
Author Tracy Metz visits LA8201 studio

Author Tracy Metz visits LA8201 studio

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Landscape Architecture offers an undergraduate program in Landscape Design and Planning and a Landscape Design and Planning Minor.

Landscape Design and Planning majors can also apply to the LDP + MLA degree program and earn a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture with two additional years of study. This program is accredited and graduates are eligible for licensure as landscape architects.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Landscape Architecture offers three graduate programs in landscape architecture. The MLA professional degree program is organized into two tracks:

  1. The MLA I is an accredited three-year first professional degree for students with a baccalaureate degree. A minimum of 88 graduate credits are required for the degree.
  2. MLA II with advanced standing. Students with bacclaureate degrees in Landscape Architecture or Architecture may be accepted to the program with advanced standing. Required graduate credits vary depending on the student. Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies with any questions.

The MSLA is a non-professional graduate degree for students interested in landscape architecture as a scholarly discipline. The degree is open to students who hold a a BLA or MLA, or baccalaureate degree in a related field.


Each academic program has specific admissions requirements and procedures. Please follow the links below to each program’s admissions page for more detailed information about the admissions process: