Landscape Architecture College of Design

Degree Programs

The Landscape Design + Planning [LDP] is an undergraduate degree that provides general knowledge of and training in the physical, biological, social, and artistic components of design. The LDP meets course requirements for graduate study in Landscape Architecture.

The Accelerated Landscape Design + Plannning [dual degree LDP + MLA] allows qualified students to enter the graduate Landscape Architecture program [MLA] in their undergraduate senior year. Students in the accelerated track complete the combined BED/MLA program in six rather than seven years.

The Master of Landscape Architecture [MLA] is a three-year graduate professional degree that provides the skills necessary to become a licensed landscape architect. The program is accredited by the National Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board [LAAB]. A specialized two-year track within the MLA program is available to students with an accredited undergraduate Landscape Architecture degree who are interested in advanced study in landscape architecture.

The Master of Science [MSLA] is a one-year nonprofessional graduate degree that provides specialized study in landscape architecture research. The department offers research training in areas of current faculty expertise and research. The MSLA does not meet LAAB eligibility requirements for professional licensure.