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Associate Professor Laura Musacchio

  • BLA magna cum laude, State University New York Syracuse
  • MLA, State University New York Syracuse
  • Ph.D, Urban and Regional Science (Emphasis areas: Landscape Systems and Environmental Planning and Policy), Texas A&M

Dr. Musacchio works at the intersection of design and science in her teaching and research activities. She collaborates with students from a variety of disciplines in her interdisciplinary courses including landscape architecture, architecture, urban design, conservation biology, natural resources, urban and regional planning, public policy, humanities, and arts.

She is the guest editor of the recently published special issue of Landscape Ecology called Key Concepts and Research Priorities for Landscape Sustainability. It includes 18 articles about landscape sustainability, resilience, ecosystem services, and human well-being. She is an editorial board member of Landscape Ecology and Landscape and Urban Planning.

Her research projects are inspiration for her courses in urban landscape ecology, regreening cities and regions, ecological design and planning, and urban biodiversity. For example, she is part of an interdisciplinary research team that has been recently funded by NASA and investigates how city size and shape influence severe weather, urban pollution, and canopy transition patterns in the Great Plains. For more information about Dr. Musacchio, please go to her web site at

Recent Publications

  • Musacchio Laura. 2013. Key concepts and research priorities for landscape sustainability. Landscape Ecology 28:995–998
  • Musacchio Laura. 2013. Cultivating deep care: Integrating landscape ecological research into the cultural dimension of ecosystem services. Landscape Ecology 28:1025–1038
  • Musacchio Laura. 2011. The grand challenge to operationalize landscape sustainability and the design-in-science paradigm. Landscape Ecology 26:1–5
  • Musacchio Laura. 2011. The world's matrix of vegetation: Hunting the hidden dimension of landscape sustainability. Landscape and Urban Planning 100:356–360
  • Musacchio Laura. 2010. Lessons learned from managing vulnerable landscapes during agrarian transitions in metropolitan regions. In Managing Agricultural Landscapes for Environmental Quality II: Achieving More Effective Conservation, eds. Pete Nowak and Max Schnepf, 33–49. Ankeny, Iowa: Soil and Water Conservation Society.
  • Musacchio Laura. 2009. The scientific basis for the design of landscape sustainability: A conceptual framework for translational landscape research and practice of designed landscapes and the six Es of landscape sustainability. Landscape Ecology 24:993–1013
  • Musacchio Laura. 2009. The ecology and culture of landscape sustainability. Landscape Ecology 24:989–1143



  • LA3204. Holistic Landscape Ecology and Bioregional Practice
  • LA5405. Regreening Minds, Cities, and Regions seminar
  • LA8203. Making Regional Landscape Space
  • LA8301. Research Issues and Methods
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