Landscape Architecture College of Design

Kristine Miller


Department Head

  • MLA, Cornell University
  • Ph.D, Landscape Architecture. Edinburgh College of Art

Our students pursue graduate studies in landscape architecture because they are passionate about the potential for design to transform people’s lives for the better. A powerful way for designers to serve communities is through place-based art and design work. Since 2005, I have been part ReMix, a community/university partnership with Juxtaposition Arts, a youth-serving, minority-directed arts and community development organization. Our collaborative projects have included research, service-learning, and design work in the North Minneapolis neighborhood.

Our second-year landscape architecture studio students work with Juxtaposition staff and students in the spring Urban Form Studio to explore the ways in which physical environments shape peoples’ daily lives. They develop and present ideas for new vibrant, people-focused futures for West Broadway, one of North Minneapolis’ main community streets. Students explore difficult questions about the role of design and designers in underserved communities and develop design proposals grounded in a strong understanding of the neighborhood’s assets and the knowledge and insights of our community partner. In April 2011 we will co-host a national symposium on art and design based community building with the Bruner-Loeb Forum.

Recent Publications

  • Miller, Kristine. in progress. Almost Home: Gertrude Jekyll, Gardens and Graves (Environmental Design Archives at the University of California, Berkeley Series). San Francisco: William Stout Publishers.
  • Miller, Kristine. 2007. Designs on the Public: The Private Lives of New York’s Public Spaces. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
  • Miller, Kristine. 2005. Art or Lunch: Designing a Public for New York’s Federal Plaza. The Geography of Law: Landscape, Identity and Regulation, Onati International Series for Law and Sociology. London: Hart Publishing.
  • Miller, Kristine, Michael Levine and William Taylor (Guest Editors). 2004. The Philosophical Forum, Special Issue on Ethics and Architecture, 35 (2).
  • Miller, Kristine. 2002. Condemning the Public: Design and New York’s New 42nd Street. Geojournal, International Geographical Union 58 (2–3): 139–148.

Conference Papers

  • Miller, Kristine. 2005. Branding the Public at the Sony Atrium. Planners Network Conference. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Miller, Kristine. 2004. Agency, Aesthetics and the IBM Atrium. International Institute for the Sociology of Law. Oñati, Spain.
  • Miller, Kristine. 2003. Public Space after William Whyte. Council of Educators of Landscape Architecture Conference. Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Miller, Kristine. 2003. Ethics, Politics and Public Space. Environmental Design Research Association. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Miller, Kristine. 2002. Morality, Urban Design, and the Women of Times Square. A Century of Women: Evaluating Gender in Landscape Architecture. Berkeley, California.
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  • Miller, Kristine. 2001. Public Art in the New Times Square. Australian Cultural Studies Association. Hobart, Australia.
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  • Miller, Kristine. 2001. The Politics of Defining Public Space. Landscapes and Power. Edinburgh, Scotland.


  • 2007. University Northside Partnership, University of Minnesota. Funding to support the mapping and evaluation of the Juxtaposition Arts Remix Urban Design Project.
  • 2006–2007. Institute for Advanced Study, University of Minnesota. Funding to support new university and community collaborative on art, design and social engagement.
  • 2006. Council on Public Engagement, University of Minnesota. Service-Learning Network for the New College of Design. Funding to conduct survey of teaching staff and faculty about their experiences with service-learning and to develop a plan for a new service-learning network.
  • 2006. Council on Public Engagement, University of Minnesota. Mapping Change on West Broadway. Funding for interdisciplinary service-learning mapping project.
  • 2005–2006. Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota. Faculty Interactive Research Grant. Funding to support community based research on urban design and transit in North Minneapolis.
  • 2001–2002. University of Minnesota Grant-in-Aid of Research, Artistry and Scholarship, award to study interior public spaces in New York City developed under the Plaza Bonus Zoning Policy.


  • University of Minnesota Outstanding Partner in Engagement Award for Graduate Faculty
  • Council for Educators in Landscape Architecture Award of Recognition for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service
  • Dumbarton Oaks Fellowship in Landscape Architecture

Courses Taught