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What is ReMix?

Since 2005, Department of Landscape Architecture Professor Kristine Miller, Adjunct Design Professor Marcy Schulte, Juxtaposition Arts directors Roger and DeAnna Cummings, and the university's Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, have joined forces on a collaborative project called ReMix. Through ReMix, more than 300 UMN graduate and undergraduate students and middle and high school students from Juxtaposition Arts have imagined, represented, promoted and implemented art and design-based community-building projects in North Minneapolis.

Juxtaposition Arts is a youth-focused and minority directed art and design center located in North Minneapolis, a community that faces some of the highest crime, poverty and unemployment rates in what is otherwise a fairly safe and wealthy city. In the neighborhood surrounding Juxtaposition Arts, almost 50 percent of the residents are under 18.

ReMix Partnership

The ReMix partnership is based on the beliefs that art and design can build and sustain equitable, healthy and sustainable communities, that equity is essential and that building and linking the social, human, and cultural assets of a community with the development of its physical and economic capital is necessary to achieve equitable neighborhood revitalization outcomes.

The ReMix collaboration has included teaching, research, exhibitions, symposia and outreach efforts. The core of our partnership is teaching. Juxtaposition seeks to help students develop their skills as artists and to understand the ways that art can help build the capacities of a community. The College of Design seeks to help its students understand their role as future landscape architects who are legally and ethically bound to serve the public good.

Most recently, the ReMix team collaborated with the Harvard Loeb Fellowship and Rudy Bruner Award teams to create and present Putting Creativity to Work: Stronger Communities through Locally Rooted Art and Design, a symposium which demonstrated how cross-sector leaders from around the country are working to lessen inequalities and build thriving cities and localities using arts and cultural engagement as the spark, the catalyst, and the foundation.

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