Landscape Architecture College of Design

Recent Research and Work

Our faculty research is conducted across scales and areas of inquiry. Research ranges from rural Minnesota and the study of the effects of biofuels production on water quality to community outreach in North Minneapolis. The Landscape Architecture faculty have long-term commitments to the communities and regions they work in.

Kristine Miller has just completed seven years of studio and research work (ReMix) in the underserved neighborhood of North Minneapolis in partnership with Juxtaposition Arts, a non-profit that empowers youth through design education. Rebecca Krinke, a practicing artist, creates permanent and temporary works of public art and design. Professor Krinke works with the way that cities are experienced, perceived, and remembered by mapping layers of personal and cultural memory on to the physical record of cities.

Design Duluth, an interdisciplinary collaborative, run by Senior Lecturer Vincent deBritto, Associate Professor Ozayr Saloojee (Architecture), and Adjunct Professors Jamuna Golden, Cynthia Lapp, and James Wheeler, is now entering its third year. In 2014, Design Duluth was awarded a Bush Foundation Innovative Communities grant to work with the St. Louis River Alliance and Duluth LISC to bring resilient and equitable change to the neighborhoods along the St. Louis River Corridor.

Assistant Professor Matthew Tucker, with the Center for Changing Landscapes and research fellows Emily Lowery and Erin Garnass-Holmes, have completed the 2014 Winona Riverfront Vision Plan, which lays out a future to reconnect Winona to the Mississippi River. Professor Tucker is also developing a symposium that will explore alternate conceptions of nature in the face of large-scale anthropogenic disturbance.

On the regional scale, David Pitt has received a large University of Minnesota infrastructure grant to expand the university’s spatial analysis capacities. With the University’s USpatial consortium, Professor Pitt is working on a USDA grant modeling the influence of land management practices on water quality on agricultural lands. Laura Musacchio is also pursuing large-scale research with a NASA consortium grant that is studying the influence of land use, settlement patterns, and the morphology of cities on severe weather patterns in the Great Plains region.

In addition to these research efforts, the department holds the co-editorship of the Landscape Journal, the premier research journal in the discipline of landscape architecture.

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